Saharafoam Roof Insulation
Saharafoam Spray on the Roof of a House
Saharafoam Spray on the Roof of a House in Karachi
Typical method of covering Saharafoam roof insulation if some foot traffic is expect-ed is 2 thick reinforced cement screeeding.
In areas of foot traffic tiles can also be applied as covering
In areas where there is no foot traffic UV Paint can be applied.


Saharafoam on Industrial Roof

Saharafoam Spray on the Roof on a Textile Mill.

Notice Inverted Beams

Another Picture of Spray on Roof on Textile Mill

Spray on Industrial Corrugated Roof


Other Industrial use of Saharafoam

Insulation of HFO Tanks


Cold Storage Insulation

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